Today I am going to talk about two concepts that sound very similar but are totally different.

Every single project involves a series of methodologies that result in the solution for problem. I talked on past post about the process of developing software and I include some advises that can be helpful to you.

Also I talked about the different types of projects that can result in a problem, today’s topic can be applied to all kind of projects and also to all methodologies.

The topic is validation and verification.


When you are talking about validation you can start with this question

Is the right product?

Validation is the process of evaluating software to determine whether it satisfies the business requirements.

The objective is to ensure that the product actually meets the user’s needs and that the specifications were correct in the first place.


Also in verification there is a question that can be fundamental to know what is be doing.

Is the current product right?

Verification is the process of evaluating the products of a development phase to determine whether they meet the specified requirements for that phase.

The objective is to ensure that the product is being built according to the requirements and design specifications. .

Now we can notice that two concepts can sound be similar but are different, in the questions that I proposed the only difference is the position of one word and that is very interesting to me because the position of that word change the signification of the sentence and the concept.



Verification vs Validation


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